Our client was using an Access based sales form to sell their product to their customers. They wanted a fresh new look and to focus their sales team by using real time location based data. All to give their customers more information and a better service at the point of sale.

Our answer was to design and implement a “single page application” combining the customer sales form and map data into a single interface.

Part of the challenge was to mimic the behaviour of the existing system while providing an updated interface and also an improvement in the experience for the end user.

The new Sales Form with map based data.

Creating the interactive map was the funnest part of the project and the most interesting. You can tell from the image above it looks quite ‘busy’ but combines a lot of information.

  • Pins plotting position of each customer job.
  • Different shaped pins depending on the type of job.
  • Different coloured pins depending on the day of the job.
  • Coloured ‘overlays’ showing next available day for that area.
  • Notes on the area.
  • Live location of each technician.

Technologies used:

  • Laravel / Livewire / Tailwind CSS
  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • REST API to real time 3rd party data
  • Hosted on Ubuntu server running on-prem